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Transform Tank

2.99 usd

Have you ever seen a tank that can fly?Have you ever experience a tank that can control other tanks like puppets?Have you ever heard of a tank that can reflect tank shells back?Have you ever imagined a tank that can create a wormhole?If not, come and join in the world of Transform Tank!
The French Fire Tank, the Japanese Puppet Tank, the American Aegis Tank and the English Space Tank need a brave and smart commander to bravely lead them into the factory area, lost in the dream world, walk in the desert, and fly through outer space, while defeating enemy tanks and avoiding insidious traps to accomplish their tasks!
· Game based on 3D physics
· 4 elaborately designed tanks with different skills
· 4 different style stages, and 64 challenging missions in total.
· Easy to get start with simple hand gestures
· Lots of difficult traps which need your response ability, logic thinking, sense of Three-dimensional space
· Well designed and crafted environments
· Different tank skills amazingly increase ways to play
· With GameCenter and twitter, you can share scores with your friends"